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November 19, 2019 4 min read

Black Friday, Green Friday, White Friday?

Black Friday has become not just a shopping extravaganza but also a day for brands and companies to take a stance. It's the ultimate day of consumerism and consumption with bargains galore across the board. It's the single biggest day of Sales in the USA with the UK now following the trend. So as our first Black Friday in business we had a choice to make. For businesses to make this discounting strategy work they must sell products at an even greater volume and encourage consumers to keep buying, whatever the cost to the Planet.

We have lost sleep over the matter of Black Friday, tossed and turned, have gone back and forth, drank umpteen cups of tea - as a start up EVERY customer and sale matters, should we join the fray?

White Friday with Latitude

Our goal is to build a sustainable business and so we are turning this Black Friday on it's head and please to announce our very first White Friday. We are using the weekend as a means to raise awareness of climate change and encourage responsible and conscious shopping. We'd like you to join us.

On White Friday we will be giving £5 from every sale to Protect Our Winters. Protect Our Winters is a charity which aims to get the outdoor community to take action on climate change. As a business which loves the outdoors and skiing, we wholeheartedly support their cause. 

As Black Friday Sales tend to extend through the weekend until Cyber Monday we will follow suit. So, just to be clear, we will donate £5 from every sale we make to Protect Our Winters from Friday 29th November until Midnight Monday 2nd December.

You will see that we continue to have our standard sale collection available, these are a limited stock of prior season's pieces and last in the box pieces only. These are still great quality products and they are available to our customers year round. So, if you are after a bargain it's there for you. Year round. Shop our Year Round Sale Collection here.

Why White Friday?

  • Inspired by the Winters we are trying to protect, for our love of snow, snow sports and time outdoors
  • Our future, our planet and our children's planet is at risk and we believe we all need to take some big steps to reduce our personal impact on Planet Earth. 
  • We all need clothes, but every purchase takes a toll on the Planet. We believe each purchase should be made with consideration to the sustainability, sourcing and the longevity of the garment. Lets shop consciously and thoughtfully and reduce our impact on our Planet.
  • Credit where credit is due. Arcade got there first - they have been running their White Friday campaign for years - what an awesome idea!

Who are Protect Our Winters?

POW was founded in 2007 by Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in the USA to get the outdoor community to take action on climate change. The UK chapter was formed by a team of UK Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts. They work with athletes, creatives and outdoor sports groups through their Winter guardians to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral society and reduce individual and collective carbon footprints. Check out the Protect Our Winters UK website here.

What can you do to reduce your impact on our Planet?

  • If you are going to shop, be conscious to the impact your purchase has on the planet. Do you need it? Will it last? Could you buy something made from a more environmentally friendly material?
  • Consider repairing garments before buying something new
  • Recycle, a recent study showed that in the UK 73% of our wardrobes haven't been worn in the last 12 months!

Check out the POW UK Take Action Page for some more ideas


Brands not participating in Black Friday

There is a rapidly growing list of brands who are not participating in Black Friday primarily for environmental reasons. We've collected together a short list below:

  • BBCo one of our brand partners are not participating in Black Friday. They have an amazing collection of beanies and caps and you can shop from us or directly from then! If you are looking to make a more sustainable purchase check out their Cabin beanie, made in the UK from 100% Merino Wool.
  • REI will be closing all its stores on Black Friday for a 5th year in a row. Encouraging it's employees to #optoutside for the day, this year it is taking things a step further and encouraging their members and employees to "opt to act" and sign up to a 52 week programme of small steps to reduce their carbon footprint.


  • REI Black Friday
  • Picture Organic the French brand will also not be participating in Black Friday this year. They are encouraging "repair, recycling and selling superfluous items in order to know what we really need on a daily basis, to consume reasonable and at the right price." Interestingly they highlight how Black Friday encourages "over-production and jeopardizing jobs by not giving up to their fair value manufacturers, brands and stores"
  • In 2016 Patagonia donated 100% of Sales on Black Friday  to grassroots organizations working to create positive change for the planet. We contacted them to ask what they are doing this year. Their response? "Watch this space!" We will be!
  • Veja the sustainable sneaker brand did not participate in Black Friday 2018, they felt it pushed people to buy things they don't necessarily need
  • Arcade - the original White Friday from Arcade, the adventure belts company with their don't discount, donate campaignArcade White Friday


That wraps up our White Friday blog, we're excited about taking a new look at this shopping weekend and hope you can support us on our journey.

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