LINE Women's Skis

Skiing the wrong way since '95

Skiing is un-fun. That was probably the best way to describe the sport in the early 1990’s. What were the options? Straight, stiff & uninspiring skis.

In 1995, LINE began with the mission to change that – to reclaim that enjoyment that comes from strapping sticks to your feet & sending yourself down a slope at gravity’s disposal. From our humble beginnings as a garage brand in upstate New York to becoming a worldwide innovator in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, our mission has always been the simple goal of making skiing MORE FUNNER!

Here at Latitude we love the ethos behind Line Skis... we couldn't think of a better way to describe how skis should make you feel... MORE FUN! Check out our handpicked selection of Women's skis from LINE!

The Pandora Collection

We are particularly excited about this year's LINE Pandora collection. 

Developed with Hadley Hammer, the LINE Pandora series is designed for women who rip. Featuring three different waist widths, with the Pandora 104 for deep days, the Pandora 94 for all-mountain versatility, and the Pandora 84 for hard carving groomer laps, the Pandora Collection opens the door to all different types of women's skiing. Learn more below to find the Pandora that's right for you.

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